Bringing the Shinkansen of happiness to you!


Japan has precise Shinkansen models. It is Tomix’s First Car Museum Series. The lead vehicle and rail are included, and the lights will turn on when you connect the separately sold power supply unit. The other day, I met the real-life Doctor Yellow, so I’d like to introduce you to a detailed model of Doctor Yellow. Please enjoy displaying it in your home !

It is very precisely made and looks like reality. The front light also shines. The light is powered by a power supply unit located in the rear garage. It’s even cooler in the dark.
The red tail lamps are also cool.
This is the image on the left. The car body is glossy and the paint is detailed. Since this is a test train, the window frames are also special. In reality, there is a measuring device inside.
The wheels and trolley are also precisely reproduced. The JR mark and 923 series mark are also detailed.
It looks really cool when displayed in a display case. A display case that fits perfectly into a power garage, rails, and trains. Details can be found at the link below.