Doctor Yellow “Japanese Happiness Bullet Train”

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The photo was taken at JR Nishiakashi Station.

Hello everyone in the world. Do you know Japan’s high-speed train, the Shinkansen? In Japan, some Shinkansen trains run at a maximum speed of 320km/h. Among them, Doctor Yellow supports the running environment of JR Tokai and JR West Shinkansen trains! that’s right. This is the yellow Shinkansen in the background image! . He is said to be the Shinkansen doctor. Because it runs infrequently and there are few opportunities to see it, it is said that Doctor Yellow is a train that brings happiness when you see it. It is equipped with many measuring instruments to inspect electrical equipment such as railroad tracks and overhead wires while traveling at 270 km/h. We work day and night to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers.